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How to Link Creativity to Problem Solving in Your Resume and Interviews

Think about all the times you have found solutions to problems at work (even small ones). Here is a simple 4-step process for telling these stories in the work experience section of your resume and during interviews:

  1. What was the problem? Did you discover it, or was is generally known but no one had yet figured out how to resolve it? What was the (preferably measurable) pain it was causing and to whom?
  2. How did you solve it? What was your idea? How did you come up with the idea?
  3. Did you test the idea before suggesting or making a change? Also, what was the initial feedback from the team and/or your boss?
  4. What was the (preferably measurable) result? How was the customer or your team, department, or company overall better off afterwards? Did you put any controls in place to make sure it didn't happen again? Did you communicate to other teammates or departments so others could leverage your solution?

Don't just say that you are creative - prove it by showing how you have used creativity to solve problems. After all, this is your sales pitch to the hiring leader to convince him/her to hire you. They will interview the candidates and offer the job to the person they are most confident can help them solve their problems and meet their goals.

Use the four step process above to write creative problem solving statements and include them in the work experience section of your Five Minute Resume. You'll definitely stand out from all the other applicants and dramatically improve your chance of getting called in for interviews. Best of luck!