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How to Write Your Resume Headline

Here is a simple four-step process for writing a powerful resume headline:
  1. What is your target company? Your headline should be clear about the type of organization you can add value to. When the hiring leader reads your resume, (s)he should think "Hey, that's us!".
  2. What problem can you solve? Your headline should clearly define a specific problem(s) you know how to solve (and that your target company likely has).
  3. What is your plan for solving that problem? How will you help the company you are applying to solve the problem(s)?
  4. What will success look like? How will the company be different after they hire you and you have solved the problem(s)?
You can use this process to write your resume headline in the Summary section when you create your Five Minute Resume.
For illustrative purposes, here is one example of a resume headline (from one of our co-founders):
I enable commercial roofing companies to maximize profit, revenue, net cash flow, and customer experience potential in their service operations through a combination of increased capacity and sales conversion rate, decreased operational costs and process cycle times, and improved culture and communication. In my most recent role, this resulted in a 253x net profit increase (34.1% net margin), 172% revenue increase ($6M+ annually), consistent positive cash net position, and virtual elimination of customer attrition.